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Saturday Sessions at The Junction, Broadstone.

Movement and Mime!

This week we used our bodies and got into groups to create various objects, such as: tables, motorbikes,  books,  trees and  washing machines ! We took out items from the magic, imaginary box and passed around the circle. We had to be very careful holding the kitten and passing him around!  and finally we re-enacted the story of The Gingerbread man.  Some great movement work in this week’s lesson! Well done guys!

Lions, Tigers and Bears.Oh my!!

Today we enjoyed using a  variety of  items and thinking what else they could be?  A wooden spoon was used as a wasp zapper, a guitar, a canoe paddle and a fan was used as an umbrella, a hat, an earing, a pillow and a bed sheet. The children have such great imaginations!

We played ‘The Bear in the Cave’ and had to sneak up on the bear to collect the honey, but every time he turned around we had to lie down  and be very still! That was a challenge.

We were using our bodies to become Lions, Tigers, Policemen, Singers, Snowmen, Cows and Aliens. We had great fun changing from one character to another.

We worked on our voices and played ‘Pass the Sound’ a bit like ‘In my Bag I packed..’ but with sounds instead.  This really tested the children’s memories too.

We loved using our imaginations today!

Statues in the Museum!

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Today we enjoyed using our senses to guess what was in the bag. We loved being statues in a museum and coming to life when the Curator fell asleep! We enjoyed acting out a social story and using our emotions to help ‘Billy’ decide what to do. What a great session we had!













Pleased to welcome new children to The Acting Crew.

We had lots of fun being magic rocks and being turned into dinosaurs, super heroes, frogs, trees and sleeping cats! We also all drew a picture with crayons and used our pictures to tell a story and then bring it to life.  This was the children’s favourite activity today! The children loved being story makers and acting out their story! ?

Hello world!

We are up and running! Thanks for visiting our website.

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