Today we enjoyed using a  variety of  items and thinking what else they could be?  A wooden spoon was used as a wasp zapper, a guitar, a canoe paddle and a fan was used as an umbrella, a hat, an earing, a pillow and a bed sheet. The children have such great imaginations!

We played ‘The Bear in the Cave’ and had to sneak up on the bear to collect the honey, but every time he turned around we had to lie down  and be very still! That was a challenge.

We were using our bodies to become Lions, Tigers, Policemen, Singers, Snowmen, Cows and Aliens. We had great fun changing from one character to another.

We worked on our voices and played ‘Pass the Sound’ a bit like ‘In my Bag I packed..’ but with sounds instead.  This really tested the children’s memories too.

We loved using our imaginations today!